Tools Trust

Edge Automation


We believe in helping others as we go. Some people just need some inspiration and a little hand up.

They have the desire, and by helping them with the right tools, they can gain the skills and boost themselves along their desired path.

Contact us (in confidence) if someone you know could use some assistance.

We are developing a fund with an aim to help atleast one individual per month. That will grow but for now we need to first ask some questions and check if we can actually help or if we can guide them to a more suitable agency. The details and correspondence relating to any individuals that request and or receive assistance are completely confidential.

We are aware of the many great charities out there that we and many others contribute funding and sponsored activities for. The Tools Trust is for those that want to empower themselves to make a change and just need some guidance.

An example would be an 18 year old looking to get into some practical part time work to help fund their studies , someone wanting to start a new service or help out their family with the overheads. 

The most powerful tool that we could ever have is already between our ears. Adding the right skills can really boost our lives.

The type of tools can vary from online training vouchers to vouchers for basic tools like sewing machines, painters kits, florist tools, gardening machines, music kits, carpenters tools, electricians tools, plumbers tools, hair dressing kits, car valeting kits, laptops and so on.

These may seem very simple but for the right person, it could change their life and enable them to earn a living or help their community.