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Collection: Edge Data Centres

6 products
  • R-Series Micro Data Centre for Harsh Environments
  • S-Series Micro Data Centre for IT Environments
  • C-Series Micro Data Centre for Office and Commercial Environments
  • All~in~one Container
  • Preconfigured Modular Room

Micro Data Centres
A micro data centre is a configurable, secure, self-contained enclosure with the capability for all essential IT components, often employing converged or hyperconverged infrastructure, along with management and monitoring software devices. It also contains all required supporting racks, UPSs, power, and cooling.

Physically Secure
Protect critical IT assets from malicious accidents or environmental incidents that cause downtime. Get device level cyber security with ultra secure enclosure options and remote monitoring & control.

Simple to Deploy
Reduce headaches with faster edge roll-outs and validated reference designs. Leverage innovative, best-in-class design tools to help simplify your configuration & deployment.

Remotely Manageable
Decrease expensive service calls and the need for on-site IT staff.