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  • 6SigmaWeight ~ Room Module
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  • 6SigmaGateway ~ Room Module
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6SigmaRoom is the industry’s leading data center CFD tool, built for both data center design and operations. Its 3D representation of the physical data center – combined with the cutting-edge CFD (computational fluid dynamics) solver – lets you safely simulate the impact of change on a data center’s resilience, physical capacity and cooling efficiency.

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) ~ Integrations

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) ~ Integrations

These powerful 6Sigma tools are integrated with a wide range of leading DCIM providers, so you can get started immediately with our quick and simple set-up process. 6SigmaGateway can also add generic data sources, giving you the flexibility to connect to custom in-house tools.

Contact us to find out if Future Facilities are partnered with your DCIM provider – if not, the development team at Future Facilities are always open to working with new systems.